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12 Week Sports & School Programs

The Mindful Project is a structured program created to help students and athletes learn and practice mindfulness in their day-to-day lives. Each aspect of this program has been intentionally designed around the needs of students, athletes, teachers, and coaches:

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Turn-key operation
Teachers and coaches do not need any training in order to implement this program – it is completely turn-key. This helps remove any barriers of time or cost often associated with training.

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Thoughtfully timed
This 12-week program is the perfect length to help students and athletes begin forming habits, while 15-minute daily sessions are long enough to impart concepts but short enough to retain attention.

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Based in research
Co-founder Dr. Rachel Lindvall brings years of research about how people learn to this program. It has been carefully designed to help students and athletes learn, retain, and apply the concepts taught. View our Research page for more.

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Designed with experience
Co-founder Erin McLeod’s decades of experience in applying mindfulness in Olympics, Women’s World Cups, and professional play has helped shape The Mindful Project into an impactful program.

Program Elements

Each week uses a combination of elements, designed around the various ways students and athletes learn and remember:

  • Introduction videos
    About 2 minutes long, these videos introduce new concepts about mindfulness, like being aware of your thoughts or how to stop a negative thought loop. Some of these videos will also recap the concepts learned that week.

  • Guided relaxation audio
    These audio tracks, which range from 5-10 minutes, guide listeners through relaxation techniques like deep breathing and mental body scans, and helps them apply the lessons learned in that day's video.

  • Mobility videos
    Students and athletes follow along with mobility videos, typically 10-13 minutes long, that help connect the mind and the body with various breathing, stretching, and mobility exercises. These help focus the mind of how the body is feeling.

  • Mindful colouring audio
    For 5-10 minutes, student and athletes will mindfully colour in their journals as music from this audio track plays. They’ll listen carefully and use a different color depending on the tempo and volume of the music.

  • Journal exercises
    Journal exercises help athletes and students explore new concepts and think of them in the context of their own lives and experiences.

Example Week

Here is an example of how each of the elements are used in one week of this program:

  • Day 1
    – Introduction to mindfulness video
    – Guided relaxation audio
    – Journal exercise

  • Day 2
    – Mobility video

  • Day 3
    – Mindful awareness video
    – Guided relaxation audio
    – Journal exercise

  • Day 4
    – Mobility video

  • Day 5
    – Mindfulness recap video
    – Mindful coloring audio

Research shows that we remember 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we say and write, and 90% of what we do. That’s why this program incorporates a variety of learning mediums to cover each of those bases: watching videos; writing and colouring in journals; listening to voice guides and music; doing stretches and breathing techniques. Using all of these methods throughout each week makes for an impactful experience throughout the program.

Program Pricing

The Mindful Project is $150 per student/athlete, in groups of ten or more. Discounts are available for larger groups and in special circumstances. Reach out to us for more information!

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Please note, The Mindful Project is currently designed for students and athletes in groups of 10 or more only. Stay tuned for more offerings in the future!